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I think the workouts are awesome, I've had many trainers and I've tried a good amount of other pdf workouts but this one seems to give me the best info about what to do before and after my workouts and also keeps me check. Not to mention how organized it is!


This workout plan got me back on a track towards fitness! It was easy to follow and super engaging. Savannah was such a motivational coach, checking in on my first few weeks of workouts. The best part is now that I'm on the road, I can access the PDF everywhere and make sure I'm working towards my goal!


Growing up, I never worked out - only played sports.. so when I stepped in the gym to weight lift I was more than intimidated. Savannah’s program helped me feel at ease and gave me the education to feel confident when working out and using machines. I can now use this knowledge for the rest of my fitness journey! Highly recommend using this program!